Mohamed Abdulrahim, novel and short story writer from united arab emirates. You're highlighting the website, right?

  • October 2010, Book 1:
  • The Chained King and The Castle of Mystery
  • The longed tales
    Cover Art by: Daniel Craig
  • The chained king and the castle of mystery
    Cover Art by: Mae Bassom
  • fantasy novel
    Cover Art by: Mark Zug
  • A shape-shifting witch... a dethroned king... a storytelling dwarf... and a young man with too much imagination for his own good!
  • Steven Risd is your everyday college kid—he likes having fun and hanging out with friends. But Steven is different in his own way, too. He absolutely loves stories of fantasy, magic, and adventure—but even crazier, he soon finds himself in the middle of a tale that blows his imaginative mind. Waking up in a strange land, Steven meets a stalwart dwarf, whose love of epic tales may rival his own.
  • To find his way back home, Steven will have to join forces with his new friend to free a dethroned king from his chains—all the while fighting against a crafty witch who has been blinded by her own desires. Along the way, Steven will have to look deep within to find the courage, love, and even fear that will be the keys to his quest—and to finding out who he really is.
  • Fall headlong into excitement, adventure, and action in The Chained King and the Castle of Mystery, the first volume of The Longed Tales!